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Investments & Family Office

Gray Properties, LLC is a private equity real estate investment firm and family office. We specialize in stabilized cash flowing commercial real estate in markets of sustainable growth.

Working with investors via our affilate, Gray Capital, LLC, and a network of experienced operators we drive creative and strategic value into commercial real estate projects.

Our cornerstone asset class is multifamily apartments that have the potential to force appreciation through a targeted value add program.

Other asset classes such as Medical Office, Commercial Office, Retail and Industrial make up a smaller percentage of the Gray Properties, LLC portfolio of investments.


Gray Properties Highlights
30+ Assets in 7 states
Portfolio spread over 8000+ units

$600M+ in Transaction Experience

$140M+ in Gray Properties, LLC Sponsored Projects

Deal Sponsor of HUD/FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Multifamily Projects


Medical Office

Commercial Office



Our Strategy



Spread out and minimize risk by building a diversified portfolio that is built to weather any economic condition. Diversify into multiple assets, using multiple operators, several markets, asset type and class. At the same time we invest surgically and with purpose.

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Utilizing our strategy enables the rapid deployment of capital through a calculated system. By aligning with other investors and real estate professionals scaling requires minimal overhead, maximizing net returns.

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By aligning common interests and goals with our partners we achieve results far greater than going it alone.


Beyond using the most efficient, fixed long term financing available (no personal guaranty for limited partners), we lever the experience and knowledge of the best real estate professionals in the business.

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By deploying capital into assets that are hedges against inflation and recessions we are able to assemble an investment vechicle that is built to weather any economic condition while producing excelent yield during economic expansions.

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Apartments are the cornerstone asset class of the Gray Properties portfolio. Marco demographic and socio economic meta trends synthesized with supply imbalance makes investing in market rate "workforce housing" one of the most fundamentally sound investment thesis of any asset type.

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Tax Efficiencies

By taking full advantage of the benefits of depreciation by conducting detailed cost segregation analysis we are able utilize one of the most tax efficient investment vehicles available.

Government Building
What we do


Spencer Gray
President and CEO
Investment Strategy and Acquisitions
Alex Gray
Vice President
Asset Management
Rod Gray
Strategic Advisor

Trevor Gray
Chairman of the Board


For general inquires, please fill out the form.


Nothing on this website is an offer to invest in anything. Any such offering would be in the form of a Private Placement Memorandum.

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